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May 8, 2016
Here's one reason for electing Greens

Caroline Russell hasn't even got her feet under her new City Hall desk yet and already she's promising her support to Enfield RoadWatch in their fight to protect the Green belt! Caroline was one of the 2 Green Party Assembly Members you helped to elect on Thursday and Ian D'Souza of Enfield RoadWatch was quick off the mark to congratulate her:

"Enfield RoadWatch would like to congratulate you on your election win last Thursday.
Thank you again for your letter of commitment to protect the Green Belt. We hope that Sadiq Kahn will remain true to his manifesto and also resist efforts by developers, councils and others to de-designate protected land for housing and schools, when there is ample brownfield to use first. It is reassuring to know that you will be among the voices fighting to save London's greenspaces and environment.
You may well see Enfield cases coming before you, including Wren-Enfield, and we hope we may count on your vote to save our protected land."

Caroline responded "I look forward to hearing from you in City Hall and will be happy to support your campaigns".

Other parties support the Green Belt because it's the popular thing to do; Greens support it because that's who we are.

May 7, 2016
Thanks everyone!

The Green Party consolidated its position as the third party in London on Thursday. Sîan Berry repeated Jenny Jones' success 4 years ago in coming third in the Mayoral contest - in fact she improved on it by retaining our deposit for the first time. The Green Party was third in the supplementary list election and also got the third most votes in the constituency elections, while our constituency candidates came third in 8 of the 14 constituencies - and not far off beating the Tories in one of them! Enfield & Haringey was one of the 8, improving on our 4th place 4 years ago.

A big Thank You to all of you who voted for us, and an even bigger Thank You to those who helped out in the campaign. For a small party we delivered a lot of leaflets!

The full local result is on the results page, or if you want London-wide results see the London Elects website

Now, somebody said something about a referendum....

May 3, 2016
Vote Green on Orange!

That's the message for those of you who quite like the Greens but not quite enough to vote the full Green ticket.

Of course we'd like you to vote Green on all 3 ballot papers that you'll get on Thursday, but the Assembly List (that's the one with the orange ballot paper) is the most important one for us as it's the one that actually gets Greens elected - 2 last time, and we're hoping for more this year.

Here's how it stacks up:
The PINK ballot paper is the one to vote for the Mayor on. But it's not quite the usual single choice that you get at Parliamentary elections. This time you get to vote for a first and second preference; your second preference only kicks in if your first doesn't get enough votes and gets eliminated.
The important point about that is, it eliminates the need for tactical voting. So you can happily vote for the Green candidate, Sîan Berry, as your number one then for whichever of Labour and Tory you dislike least with your second preference. Realistically it's going to come down to one of those two for Mayor, but your vote for Sîan makes whoever gets elected take green issues more seriously and might even save our £10K deposit.

On the YELLOW paper you vote for the local constituency candidate for Assembly Member. This is a standard first-past-the-post election. The constituency covers the boroughs of Enfield & Haringey and our candidate is Ronald Stewart. He'd make a great Assembly Member.

Then there's that ORANGE form, where you vote for a party list to top up the 14 constituency winners to 25 Assembly Members. This is run on a proportional basis - which is why we have a chance of electing Greens - taking account of how many constituency seats each party already has. It's not quite a straight proportion but uses a complicated method called Modified d'Hondt; if you'd like all the details of how that works click here.

May 1, 2016
The day I met Sîan Berry

The decision to cycle into London last Thursday, the 28th April, was indeed a fortuitous one. As I pulled up to the junction of MacKenzie Road and Caledonian Road I saw out of the corner of my eye Caroline Russell, (@highburyonfoot) the Green London Assembly candidate. I thought for a moment to continue on my way, but no - I should go and wish her luck in the forthcoming election.

So I hopped off my bike to wish her luck, for which she thanked me and asked if I would like to stay for a photograph, my first instinct was to say no, but I soon came round and agreed to remain for the photo.

At this point somebody said, "Here's Sian now." at which point I turned round to see Sian Berry (@sianberry) walking up the road toward us. It was only then I noticed on the opposite side of the road an enormous "The Power of Good Ideas" - Vote Green Party billboard, emblazoned with the picture of Sian.

On spotting the billboard, Sian said "Well I definitely haven't been Photoshopped!"

It seems I had unwillingly stumbled into the launch of the Green's London Elects billboard campaign.

It was very exciting to meet Caroline and Sian and have the opportunity to wish them well in the elections on the 5th May.

As I learn't another residual benefit to cycling is that one might be invited to join in with a Green Party launch!

Jeremy Jenkins
1st May 2016

Apr 23, 2016
The Green Party, for a Healthier Life

New member Phodis Evangelou writes:

One of the most difficult moments in my life was deciding to walk across the floor and join another political Party, one that I could believe in for a greater and brighter future. That Party, for me, was the Green Party, for the reasons that I am about to say.

In the world of politics the term 'ideology' resounds time and time again, we all need something to believe in. However, in our current state of affairs, the 'ideologies' of most Parties are just out right crazy. Most Parties today will take a fear that is universally accepted and use that fear to penetrate concern. So we all feel afraid, and therefore, vote for a Party that we believe will relinquish that fear. For example, think of the term 'immigration' and now think of a Party doing well because of associating fear to that term. Usually, the fears that are pedestalled never come to be a reality, and therefore, we never truly vote according to what we want, but according to what might be the best medicine to counter the fears we might have.

I can honestly say, in my opinion, the Green Party is the only Party that propagates a positive 'ideology', by believing in the resuscitation of our world and its resources, we might just have a chance of getting what we, the people, want; a greater life because of a healthier world.

This affects our mental state of mind, by believing in a brighter future that obligates everyone to responsibility, we might be in with a chance of seeing positive change now and hereafter.

I speak from a position of conviction. I actually feel that the change we seek for a more positive society is by the merit of a positive environment, where those that learn to appreciate the earth and the life that inhabits it will also discover a settling feeling of progressive development. The Green Party is my choice for change, as they provide the necessary tools and the right knowledge to see how prosperity might be shared by all.

I, myself, a former candidate councillor for the Conservative Party, have observed the reality of what 'positive ideology' can do for people, by developing a happier, more stable, society. My research in psychology has been a major eye-opener, and I am led to the conclusion that the Green Party is ahead of its time, where progressive change is concerned, and therefore, I wish to cross the floor (so to speak).

Phodis Evangelou
MA, BSc (Hons), MNCS

Apr 15, 2016
Sîan Berry in Enfield

Our wonderful Mayoral candidate was in Enfield today, revelling in having been given 10/10 on air quality by Clean Air in London, and another 10/10 on cycling by the Guardian. She got 0/10 for timing, though, as it rained heavily throughout her time here! That did limit opportunities to talk to ordinary voters, but the Beeb still turned up to film some background stuff for The Sunday Politics, the Advertiser's friendly photographer Anne-Marie Sanderson was there, and later interviews were arranged with Ruth McKee of the Advertiser (prevented from attending by a lost voice - a bit of a problem for a journo!) (Later: here is Ruth's ) and with Londra Gazeta (rather appropriately stuck in traffic on his way to talk to Sîan about air pollution!). Actually braving the rain for a video interview was Emma of Love Your Doorstep.

Here's Sîan with EGPers Alex McRea, Tom Smith, David Flint and Bill Linton, and our clean air bike.

Mar 23, 2016
Pushing for Fair Fares

EGP activists were out both on Monday morning at Arnos Grove and this morning at Edmonton Green, handing out 'Vote Sîan Berry' leaflets to emphasise Sîan's commitment to cut fares for commuters - though the contents of the leaflets was not confined to transport: policies covered included housing; encouraging cycling and walking; no new runways; a not-for-profit London Energy Company; a bank for Londo; the Living Wage; stopping the loss of arts and music venues; cutting air pollution; and involving people and communities in decisions that affect them.


Mar 15, 2016
We know air quality is rotten - now let's do something about it

Having checked on at least some of Enfield's air quality and found it distinctly lacking, EGP members were out yesterday seeking public support to do something about it.

We handed out cards close to schools and stations promoting clean air, our Mayoral candiate Sîan Berry and local Enfield & Haringey candidate Ronald Stewart. Ronald himself turned up to help at Bounds Green tube station (over the border in Haringey but used by many Bowes ward commuters).

Our own Tom Smith toured the borough pedalling (sic!) the message!


Mar 10, 2016
Monitoring air quality - the results

Recently Enfield Green Party put up Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) detectors in 10 places, 6 in Bowes ward and 4 elsewhere (see item below).

The results, which are averaged over roughly a 4-week period, are now in and can be seen in detail in this PDF . They make disturbing reading, showing many places over the legal limit even in an outer-London borough such as Enfield (Haringey GP carried out a similar exercise at the same time and the numbers were even worse).

The figures represent micrograms of the pollutant NO2 per cubic metre of air. NO2 is what kills 9400 Londoners per year. The legal limit is 40 micrograms per cubic metre.

If there is any demand (some as yet undecided minimum number), we'd be happy to order and do all the necessary attaching, taking down and sending off of monitoring tubes outside people's homes, so you can see what you are being subjected to day in and day out. The cost including processing is £8.50, tubes are left up for 4-6 weeks and the processing takes 2 weeks to 2 months. Let us know if you'd like to be included.

Mar 10, 2016
A Community Artists' Competition - Improving the Environment in Enfield and Haringey

What would Enfield and Haringey be like with less traffic, better housing options and less air pollution? These are some of the questions the Green Party is asking, and inviting local artists to help them answer, with potential grand prizes of £1000, £500 and £250!

"The challenges London faces need imaginative solutions; we also need creative ways of communicating these challenges and solutions. Artists play an invaluable role in telling these stories and helping us to explore how we can create a better environment for our city" says Ronad Stewart, Green Party candidate for the London Assembly for Enfield and Haringey. read more

Jan 8, 2016
Monitoring air quality

Yesterday an intrepid band of Green Party activists set out to monitor air quality in Bowes ward - where we suspect it may be particularly bad - and other parts of the borough. The exercise involved tieing small phials to lampposts or signposts, at least 2.5 metres off the ground. We did that in 10 carefully selected places, and will return in 4-6 weeks to take them down and send the phials off for processing.

Two of the monitors are on the North Circular, outside Bowes Primary and at Clockhouse Parade. I will be very surprised if they come in under the legal limits, but time will tell. Others are positioned in less exposed spots, for comparison purposes.

A couple of days earlier, Green Party members in Haringey carried out a similar exercise and it will be interesting to compare our results with theirs too.

Watch this space.

Nov 25, 2015
Public Meeting - Can We Afford to Gamble With Our Planet's Future?

Haringey Green Party are holding a major public meeting on December 7th featuring our Mayoral candidate, Siân Berry and video messages from Caroline Lucas MP and Keith Taylor MEP. They've picked a venue convenient for people from Enfield to get to, close to Finsbury Park station. See their flyer for full details.

Nov 25, 2015
Green Party constituency candidate selected

Enfield and Haringey Green Parties have selected their candidate for the Enfield/Haringey constituency in next May's London Assembly elections.

He is Ronald Stewart, a live-wire Haringey member. He won't be confining his activities to south of the North Circular, though - we can expect to see him spreading the word in Enfield too.

Nov 7, 2015
Green candidate backs 'Mini Holland' scheme in Enfield after Tories turn against it

The Green Party's local transport spokesperson Caroline Russell today expressed her support for the £42 million "Mini Holland" scheme in Enfield, known locally as Cycle Enfield, following the decision by the borough's Conservative opposition to oppose the project.

"Mini Holland has benefits for all residents and people working in the area who stand to gain from cleaner air, less traffic-dominated streets, convenient crossings for walking and safe bike lanes, as well as for cyclists" said Russell, who is also a London-wide candidate for the London Assembly, during a visit to Enfield.

"It has been great to hear from residents and shop-keepers about their concerns. Many were worried by people cycling on pavements which would of course be unnecessary if we have a comprehensive network of safe bike lanes.

"With the recent report praising the health benefits of brisk walking, every local authority should be looking to implement Mini Holland measures to meet their public health duty".

David Flint, Chair of Enfield Green Party, said: "The local Tory councillors' U-turn to oppose Cycle Enfield shows panic. A few yellow posters on Green Lanes and all principle is forgotten. They should have the courage to stand for more pleasant and liveable streets. They should recognise that everyone's health depends on using cars less, both to clean up our air and tackle the epidemic of physical inactivity".

Caroline Russell added: "I'd be interested to know what Zac Goldsmith makes of this Tory U-turn in Enfield. I thought he supported measures to reduce car trips, clean up our air and improve our streets". _______________________________________________

Oct 26, 2015
Candidate selection in progress for Enfield/Haringey London Assembly constituency

Next May you will get the chance to elect both a new Mayor of London and 25 Assembly Members. 14 of those are elected by the First Past The Post system in constituencies of either 2 or 3 London Boroughs, with the other 11 bringing the element of proportionality through a top-up list system.

Enfield is in a 2-borough constituency with Haringey and the two Green Parties are co-operating in the selection of our FPTP candidate. We had hoped for a contest, but in fact there is only one name on the ballot paper (plus the ubiquitous RON: re-open nominations). He is in fact another Ron: Ronald Stewart, a Haringey member. You can see what he has to say for himself here.

Enfield and Haringey members with email addresses should have already received their notification and a link to where to cast their votes. Those without will get a paper voting slip in the next day or two. Voting closes on November 24th.

Oct 23, 2015
9000 Enfield electors set to lose their votes. Are you one of them?

The way you register to vote has changed and councils all over the country have been transferring voters from the old register to the new. The process was intended to take until December 2016, but the government has decided to cut the process short: anybody not transferred to the new register by December 1st this year will lose their vote.

That's undemocratic enough, but it gets worse: in April, the then-existing voting registers will be used to decide on constituency boundary changes - so areas with lots of missing voters will end up with fewer MPs as well.

The changes to bring this all about will come before the House of Commons on November 2nd, but unless enough MPs demand one there won't even be a vote! We can hope that Enfield's three representatives will do their bit to ensure there is one - they can sign EDM 633 - but the government has the numbers to make sure they win the vote anyway.

As of yesterday there were 9063 voters in Enfield not yet transferred to the new list. Do you think you might be one of them? If so you can register here to make sure you aren't disenfranchised. Tell your friends, too.

See David Flint's blog for more on this subject.

Sept 23, 2015
Should we support Corbyn?

David Flint, Chair of Enfield Green Party

This has been the most exciting month! Jeremy Corbyn's election offers hope to everyone who opposes the neoliberal delusion and the brutality of the current government.

It's exciting but is it a sea change? Is the Labour party now the right home for everyone who wants to oppose austerity and the plundering of the planet? We can be sure that Corbyn will oppose austerity but can we be sure that he will also defend the ecosystems on which we all depend? And if he will, can he take his party with him?

Corbyn talks the talk on sustainability but I don't think his commitment to ecological responsibility is very deep. His paper on the economy speaks repeatedly of growth, eg "Faster growth and higher wages must be key to bringing down the deficit." That's just not consistent with the needs to address climate change and achieve global economic justice - aims that I'm sure he supports.

He has also suggested the re-opening of some South Wales coal mines. Now I know that he qualified this with words about sustainability but it's probably the least green energy policy that I can think of. I'm sure he will abandon it but that he should even suggest it is revealing.

And Corbyn himself supports a second runway at Gatwick "in the longer term".

Growth, coal and more flying are not sustainable policies.

And then there's the party. Few Labour MPs share his views. Many, even in his shadow cabinet, are committed to quite different views. And the trade unions have generally not accepted the central green insight - that the Earth is finite and cannot provide unlimited goods for everyone.

Corbyn can't persuade them and probably can't compromise with them. Compromise is not his strength!

Labour, even under Corbyn, is not an ecological party and is not likely to become one.

The Green Party is. With more members than ever before, it has an unprecedented opportunity to elect more Greens to the London Assembly next May. As Darren and Jenny have shown Green AMs can promote social equality AND ecological sustainability.

That's what London needs now.

Sept 3, 2015
We can certainly see through it

The proponents of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) like to say how transparent the process is. But here's how it actually works:


Sept 1, 2015
Defending the Green Belt

We were happy this morning to support a protest at the proposed development of 300 homes and a school on Green Belt land just south of Enfield Road, between Lowther Drive and Cotswold Way. The protest had been called by Enfield Road Watch, backed by the Enfield Society and the West Enfield Residents Association, at fairly short notice and at the unusual and unpromising hour of 9 am. That should have meant a low turnout, but the strength of local feeling was demonstrated when over 100 people turned up! Crowded into someone's back garden so the Enfield Independent's photographer could include a view of the land in question, our new banner on its debut stood out nicely - see below (that photo courtesy of The Enfield Society).

Enfield Road Watch have a petition going against the development. You can sign it here.


June 7, 2015
Petition handed in

Way back at the St Nicholas Fair last December we started a petition to make Winchmore Hill Green a shared space. In just one day we got 170 signatures. We carried on gathering signatures as a secondary operation in our General Election campaign and advanced the number to 276 before the urgencies of the election took over. After 6 months it was time to hand the thing in, and yesterday we did so, to Winchmore Hill councillor (and petition signatory!) Dinah Barry.

In those 6 months the Quieter Neighbourhoods schemes have come to the fore in council thinking, and our petition sits well with them - the subject was raised independently at the Fernleigh Road QN consultation.

Now it's over to the council and new Environment boss Daniel Anderson to see what they make of it.

May 15, 2015
The operation was a success but the patient died

A bittersweet election result for the Green Party: a quadrupled vote; Caroline Lucas back with a much increased majority; 4 second places; over 100 deposits saved - but another 5 years of Tory slash-and-burn policies, now not even with the slight encumbrance of a coalition partner.

In Enfield too our vote share went up sharply, easily overtaking the collapsing Lib Dems, but not quite enough to get any of our deposits back. Thank you to all those who voted for us despite the pressure to hold your nose and vote for whichever of the Big Two parties you disliked least. Now please add your voice to the increasing calls for a fairer voting system.

You can see the detailed results on our results page.

Meanwhile, after a brief rest it's onwards to next year's GLA elections - important ones for the Greens as FPTP gives way to a proportional system where we can and do get members elected.

April 11, 2015
Green v Tory, Basic Income v Universal Credit

In the second of five webinar debates organised by GlobalNet21, our own David Flint took on Conservative James Symes, candidate for Ealing South. You can listen to the one hour debate at https://onsync.digitalsamba.com/play/fs@globalnet21.org/21015-income

We think David won easily - but we would, wouldn't we?
You can also read David's opinions on the twin subjects of the debate here and here.

Next week it's Douglas Coker's turn to face Daniel Oxley, UKIP candidate for East Ham, on immigration.

April 3, 2015
Greens meet the Kurdish community - David Flint reports

The Kurdish Community Centre in Haringey has c4,000 (adult) members and serves the whole Kurdish community. Our translator thought there were c200,000 Kurds in London - most living in the North-South strip running from Hackney to Enfield North. He said that though the community had been close to Labour Labour had 'moved away from them'. No detail.

The audience was c30 people - all or almost all men. The panel was Jean Lambert, Heather Finlay, Charlotte George, Gordon Peters, Caroline Russell, Dee Searle and me.

Jean gave the opening speech about her respect for the Kurds in defying ISIS then said we candidates would introduce ourselves and answer questions. (I got some credit for having visited Kurdish towns last year). First question: What would the GP do to support the Kurdish struggle against ISIS? So we all looked at Jean!

Jean said that though the party was divided she favoured the supply of arms to the Kurds. I drew attention to the poor track record of Western intervention and the value of non-military help, eg humanitarian aid, bomb disposal. I also said that I'd support the supply of arms (though I did not mention direct military action and no-one pushed us on that). That seemed the view of all candidates.

[Jean said later that we needed a proper internal debate on this as Caroline takes a different view.]

We agreed that the PKK should no longer be listed as a terrorist organisation (we favour abolishing the list anyway) and that the Charity Commission should stop its politicised pestering of the community.

Other matters were less exciting. One speaker said that the fate of their fellow Kurds at the hands of ISIS was more important to them than, eg the living wage.

There were various comments on the natural alignment of Green and Kurdish values especially love of nature. The translator said that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built for a Kurdish princess who missed the green hills of home (some scholars dispute this however) showing the ancient roots of the Kurdish love of nature.

  • A useful piece of outreach to a BME community.
  • Several people were complimentary about my contributions.
  • We have c150 Turkish language leaflets saying Vote Green. More available if we have use for them. Each shows pics of 9 candidates; Douglas's is rather ferocious!
  • I agreed that EGP would contribute to meeting and printing costs - which should be modest.
Read another report of this meeting here.

March 23, 2015
Take back London's railways

The Green Party are today launching a petition:
For the Southern, Southeastern, and Thameslink train services to be brought under public ownership and the management of the London Bridge Station redevelopment to be taken over by Transport for London.

There's a press release, and you can sign the petition here.

Maybe not of much direct relevance to us here in North London, but let's show some solidarity with our hard-pressed Southern neighbours! Plus Finsbury Park may well be the next London Bridge, while Govia have yet to demonstrate a track record.

Feb 27, 2015
Cycling on Green Lanes

We received an email recently from a local cyclist concerned about one of the cycling routes being proposed for the Cycle Enfield scheme. The reply from EGP's cycling activist David Hughes sets out EGP thinking on the subject very clearly.

Feb 6, 2015
Opposing TTIP in Brussels

Enfield Green Party's Bill Linton (on the left above) joined about 130 other campaigners who travelled to Brussels this week to take to MEPs their concerns about the appalling Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty currently being negotiated between the EU and the US. This treaty, if implemented in its most extreme form would:
  • Allow a Regulatory Co-operation Council to vet legislation - even before it came before Parliament - and declare it "a barrier to trade" and hence disallowed.
  • Let international companies sue governments in special, unaccountable courts for any legislation that did get passed which reduced their profits
  • Lead to the 'dumbing down' of all sorts of regulations on food standards and labelling, pollution and in many other areas
For more information on TTIP click here or here _______________________________________________

Jan 24, 2015
Fractured government

Supporter (but non-member) Dr Bruce Tofield has shared with us the letter he sent to David Burrowes MP, asking him to oppose the clauses of the Infrastructure Bill which (insanely!) mandate the government to maximise the extraction of fossil fuels. It's such a good letter we thought it worth being made available to a wider audience _______________________________________________


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