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David Flint, our Parliamentary Candidate for Enfield North

I am a Chemistry graduate, a retired management consultant and a lifelong campaigner.


My campaigning started at 17 when I was a co-founder of the Birmingham Youth Organisation for Relief and Development, a long-defunct pressure group for overseas aid.

Leaving Birmingham at 18 I read Chemistry at Imperial College then moved to UEA Norwich for three years research (which did not, unfortunately, lead to a PhD). I retained a great fascination with science and an enthusiasm for its methods but I needed to earn a living so I joined the Post Office as a systems analyst. That proved a good choice!

Leaving the Post Office seven years later to join a small consultancy was an even better choice and set the pattern for my career. From then on I worked as a consultant and researcher in computing and telecommunications. In the process I wrote two books and innumerable reports and lectured round the world. I was also co-founder of a small consulting business which we later sold to a much larger consultancy. I'm now a Visiting Fellow at the Cass Business School.

At college I joined the Humanist movement in which I've held various positions over the years. I'm currently Vice-Chairman of the North London Humanist Group.

For many years I was an active campaigner for free, legal abortion. I was on the Executive Committee of the Abortion Law Reform Association and ran a local group. I was founding chairman of Education for Choice (which produces educational resources for schools) and for nine years I was a trustee (ie non-executive director) of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

I'm also a long-term supporter of Practical Action, the leading development charity founded by Fritz Schumacher. In 2008 Practical Action gave me its outstanding contribution award - mostly for pestering MPs about climate change!

And so, climate change. I didn't pay much attention to this till I retired in 2006 but the more I learned the more worried I became. I also concluded that the changes needed to avoid catastrophic change went beyond what could be accomplished by pressure groups such as Greenpeace. To produce the comprehensive changes needed would need a political party so I broke the habit of a lifetime and in 2009 I joined the Green Party.

I now see climate change as part, though a large part, of the planetary crisis in which humanity has over-stretched its resources and which threatens habitats and species and, ultimately, the continuation of our civilised life. And I see the planetary crisis as linked to social and political crises - all of which tell us that our current political and economic system has failed and must be replaced.

This is personal for me. My daughters and grandson will live to see the consequences of the decisions we now make. I want them to inherit a better world.

Read my election blog in which I address the issues of the campaign.

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ