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Photo Gallery

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Jean Robertson-Molloy

David Flint

Peter Krakowiak

Bill Linton

Dr Fred Clark

Laura Davenport

Alison Phillips

Tom Smith


Installing an air pollution monitor outside Bowes Primary

London Assembly list candidate Caroline Russell
and David Flint canvass local opinion on Cycle Enfield, 6-11-15

London Assembly list candidate Caroline Russell
with David Flint at the Cycle Enfield exhibition, 6-11-15

demo, 20-6-15
Bill Linton & Caroline Hughes with banner, plus Joy Winterbottom visible

TUC demo
Fred, David Flint & Joy

TUC demo
Bill & David Flint arrived at Hyde Park

Vigil for Gaza

London Cycling Campaign 'cash mob'
5-7-2014 Davids Flint & Hughes are there.

Cat Hill protest
June 2014 Jean Robertson-Molloy with one of the 'Occupiers' at the inner camp.

People's Assembly march against austerity
21-6-2014 Bill Linton and Jean Robertson-Molloy relax before the start.

GP Conference
Feb 2014 Jean Robertson-Molloy joins the RMT picket line.

Palmers Green Festival
1-9-2013 Rod Goodyer and Fred Clark with an early punter.

Grovelands Park Centenary
18/19-5-13. David Greening, Bill Linton and David Hughes man the stall

Grovelands Park Centenary
18/19-5-13. Douglas Coker, Rod Goodyer & Joy Winterbottom.

'Get Fractious' march against fracking & climate change
1-12-12. Douglas Coker & Bill Linton

March against the cuts
20-10-12. Joy Winterbottom with David Flint & Bill Linton holding the banner. 'Fellow-traveller' Roger Hallam is behind.

March against the cuts
20-10-12. David Flint and Douglas Coker with the banner

Hoppers Road 20mph campaign
23-8-12. Handing over the 700 signatures to Cllr Chris Bond

Hoppers Road 20mph campaign
2-7-12. The petition team in Hoppers Road, frustrated by the rain

N21 Festival, 23-6-12
Fred Clark and Douglas Coker man the stall as a punter signs our 20mph petition

Climate march, 3-12-11
The Enfield contingent with our banner

Conference, Sept 2011
Jean Robertson-Molloy proposes her motion for an apology to the victims of forced adoptions
( more on this )

Demo for Fair Fares at Enfield Town station, 25-8-11
Phil Fletcher (Barnet GP), Alasdair Bethley (FoE) and Bill Linton

Demo for Chase Farm hospital, 1-4-11
David Flint, Jean Robertson-Molloy and Douglas Coker stand against the cuts

March For the Alternative, 26-3-11
David Greening and Rod Goodyer carry the banner, with Douglas Coker to the left and supporter Joy Winterbottom behind

Enfield Southgate hustings, 21-4-10
Jean Robertson-Molloy, standing in for Peter Krakowiak, addresses the UNA hustings at Trinity-at-Bowes Methodist Church

Visteon demo 31-3-10
Our PPC for Enfield North, Bill Linton, and Winchmore Hill ward candidate Jean Robertson-Molloy joined the Visteon workers protesting about their lost pensions

Enfield North candidate launch 2010
Our PPC for Enfield North, Bill Linton, outside the abandoned Visteon factory, 29-3-10

Enfield North candidate launch 2010
Our PPC for Enfield North, Bill Linton, with Jean Lambert MEP (centre) and local candidate Douglas Coker outside the abandoned Visteon factory, 29-3-10

Climate Demo 2009
Douglas Coker (left), Bill Linton (right) and supporter Joy Winterbottom in Hyde Park, 5-12-09

Climate Demo 2007
Members of Enfield Cycling Campaign waiing for the start of the cycling demo, Lincoln's Inn Fields, 8-12-07

Trident 2007
Peter Krakowiak and Douglas Coker carry the Enfield Green Party banner, with Bill Linton on the left, 24-2-07

Hothouses Launch
Bill Linton and Douglas Coker with Jean Lambert MEP, 29-1-07

Climate Demo 2006
Douglas Coker and Bill Linton at the start of the march

Climate Demo 2006
Laura Davenport, with son Luke, in Trafalgar Square

Local Elections
Bill Linton with GLA members Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson, 18-4-06

Climate Demo 2005
Peter Krakowiak and Bill Linton hold up the Enfield Green Party banner before the start of the march, 3-12-05

A406 Meeting
The platform party. Glyn Jones of Enfield council speaking, while Jenny Jones (Green Party member of the GLA), Andy Spring (Enfield Green Party) and Rhys Banfield (Transport for London) listen, 7-9-05

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ